Zero ASIC - October 17, 2023

Zero ASIC Democratizing Chip Making

Cambridge, MA 10/17/2023 –

Zero ASIC, a semiconductor startup, came out of stealth today to announce early access to its one-of-a-kind chiplet design and emulation platform, demonstrating a number of world firsts:

  • 3D chiplet composability enabling billions of new silicon products
  • Fully automated no-code chiplet-based chip design
  • Zero install interactive RTL-based chip emulation
  • Roadmap to 100X reduction in chip development costs

“Custom Application Specific Integrated Circuits (ASICs) offer 10-100X cost and energy advantage over commercial off the shelf (COTS) devices, but the enormous development cost makes ASICs non-viable for most applications,” said Andreas Olofsson, CEO and founder of Zero ASIC. “To build the next wave of world changing silicon devices, we need to reduce the barrier to ASICs by orders of magnitude. Our mission at Zero ASIC is to make ordering an ASIC as easy as ordering catalog parts from an electronics distributor.”

Design & Emulation Platform

Traditional chip design costs over $100M and takes expert teams 2-3 years to go from concept to production. Chiplet-based design offers a compelling solution to both the time and cost problem of custom ASICs by hiding all the complexities of circuit design inside a reusable validated chiplet. Zero ASIC has gone one step further by creating a platform that enables automated design, validation, and assembly of System-in-Packages from a catalog of known good chiplets. The company’s web based design and emulation tools allows users to test out their custom designs quickly and accurately before ordering physical devices, using cloud FPGAs to implement the RTL source code of each chiplet in a custom SoC.

eFabric Active Interposer

Existing 2D/2.5D chiplet design approaches are fundamentally limited in shoreline bandwidth, wiring distances, and flexibility. To address these problems, Zero ASIC has developed eFabric, an active grid-like 3D interposer that improves die-to-die communication efficiency and composability. The eFabric supports integration of ultra-critical processing blocks using 3D attached eBrick chiplets and integration of off-package IO functions using 2D attached UCIe based ioBrick chiplets. The eFabric architecture enables unprecedented chiplet-based performance levels and flexibility:

  • Billions of unique System-In-Package assembly options
  • 512 Gb/s/mm on-fabric bisection bandwidth
  • 128 Gb/s/mm chiplet 2D bandwidth
  • 128 Gb/s/mm2 chiplet 3D bandwidth
  • <0.1 pJ/bit 3D interconnect energy efficiency

eBrick 3D Chiplets

To enable plug-and-play chiplet composability, Zero ASIC has created a complete set of electrical and mechanical 3D chiplet standards specifications. The effectiveness of these standards have been demonstrated through the design of a number of interoperable 2 mm x 2 mm chiplets called eBricks:

  • Quad-core RISC-V Linux capable dual-issue processor
  • 5 K LUT embedded FPGA
  • 3 MB SRAM -3 TOPS machine learning accelerator

Target Markets and Availability

Zero ASIC’s composable chiplet ASICs are ideally suited for a diverse set of energy and supply chain challenged applications including robotics, automotive safety, aerospace and defense, 5G/6G communication, test and measurement, software defined radio, smart manufacturing, medical diagnostics, and high performance computing. The design and emulation platform can be accessed immediately at Zero ASIC will be showing live demonstrations of the platform at the Open Compute Platform Summit (Open Chiplet Economy Center) October 17-19, in San Jose, CA.

Customized ASICs sampling in Q3 2024.

About Zero ASIC

Zero ASIC is a semiconductor company building an automated chiplet-based design and manufacturing platform offering orders of magnitude reduction in the time, cost, and risk of developing unique customer-driven ASICs for high performance systems. Zero ASIC is headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts. More information can be found at


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