Zero ASIC Openings

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Director of Software Solutions

Job responsibilities:

  • Lead a software engineering team responsible for pre-silicon validation and open source ASIC software development, constrained random verification, performance validation, application software, kernel drivers, firmware, device management libraries, boot loaders, OS distributions, security.

  • Lead the development of emulation and FPGA prototyping infrastructure.

  • Lead the development of an agile SW/HW customer facing co-design methodology.



  • BS in EE/CE/CS and 10+ years of experience (or equivalent) in silicon system validation.

  • Command of the full stack: application software, RTL, processors, microarchitecture, drivers, boot loaders, operating systems.

  • Experience with open source technologies: Qemu, verilator, systemc, FPGAs, …

  • A track record of contributing to open source technology.    

  • Broad experience with IO protocols (AXI, Ethernet, DDR, PCIE,...)

  • Outstanding general programming skills (C/C++, Python, ...)

  • Strong communication skills.

  • Highly creative and self-driven.

Director of ASIC Physical Design

Job responsibilities:

  • Lead the development of state of the art automated physical design methodologies.

  • Lead back-end SoC implementation efforts from RTL to tapeout/packaging.

  • Work effectively with RTL design team, firmware team, and customers on agile SoC development projects.


  • BS in EE/CE and 10+ years of experience (or equivalent) in SoC physical design.

  • Experience with multiple successful commercial tapeouts at advanced process nodes(16nm and below required, 7nm or smaller preferred).

  • Strong working knowledge of back-end tools and flows – floor planning, P&R, timing, power, EMIR, DFM, DFT, clocking, power grid analysis, thermal, physical verification, synthesis, and sign-off.

  • Experience with integration of complex high speed 3rd party mixed signal IP. 

  • Strong programming and scripting skills (TCL, Python).

  • Strong communication skills.

  • Highly creative and self-driven.

  • US citizenship or permanent residency.

Director of Analog IC Design

Job responsibilities:

  • Lead our mixed signal circuit development efforts from architecture to tapeout.

  • Develop state-of-the-art, high-speed analog/mixed-signal blocks for die to die communication, power management, and system synchronization.

  • Develop company wide mixed signal DFT, bringup, characterization, and testing methodologies.

  • Lead development of first rate specifications and documentation for all mixed signal IC circuits.

  • Work closely with the digital design team,  firmware team,  and end customer in an agile development loop. 


  • PhD in Electrical Engineering (or equivalent industry experience).

  • Broad portfolio of mixed signal design projects.

  • Significant contribution to a successful commercial mixed signal product.

  • Experience in establishing team wide simulation, design, and verification infrastructure.   

  • Successful commercial tapeouts at advanced process nodes (22nm and below required).

  • Experience with FinFET process technologies and associated analog design challenges.

  • Strong interpersonal, teamwork and communication skills are required.

  • Highly creative and self-driven.

  • US citizenship or permanent residency.